Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Reclaiming the Weekend

I don't know about you, but lately I've been finding weekends more frustrating than not.  Everyone is in the mindset that it is a day off (myself included) and we fritter away the days doing nothing.  Instead of feeling good and refreshed, we seem to be listless and cranky by the end, and I usually wind up starting the week off buried under dishes that haven't been done since Friday.

2 weeks ago I decided that we needed to add some structure to our weekends if we wanted to have some fun, so our Saturdays are now structured like this:

wake up- 9:30am- free time (usually screen time, be it cartoons or computer games)
9:30-noon- Everyone work together on some house project
noon- ???- family activity

First week went great, we got some work done, so I was less burdened and we had a birthday party Saturday afternoon, so the kids had a great afternoon.  

Last week not so stellar, hubby's "work" was building a new computer, so the rest still fell on my shoulders, and it's hard to motivate the munchkin crew when I can barely motivate myself!  We did go to the park in the afternoon, but it was so cold we didn't stay long.

I think it can work for us, but needs some tweaking.  I didn't take into consideration Mr. Mischief's naptime, so we may need to push our family activity back to 2ish, or head out first thing...  I'm open to suggestions!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

How Time Flies

I can't believe that so many months have passed since my last post!  A lot has happened here since September.

Princess is blossoming at school, and loving every minute of it.

Sweet Pea has become the loudest member of the household, as only a 3 year old can do.

Mr. Mischief has been getting into tons of, well, mischief.

And, finally, we welcomed a new little bundle back in November, we'll call him Tiny Sasquatch (there was a thing floating around Facebook, about your true Canadian name, and that was his, and I like it!).

Now with four small children (both in stature and in age) my life seems to be nothing but a whirl wind of diapers, feedings and laundry.  You can't forget the laundry.  If you do it very quickly buries you!

I've been doing a fairly decent job of staying on top of things, domestically, thanks to my handy dandy Cleaning Calendar, and it turns out that a clean house makes for a happier husband and makes room for a lot more fun!