Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Reclaiming the Weekend

I don't know about you, but lately I've been finding weekends more frustrating than not.  Everyone is in the mindset that it is a day off (myself included) and we fritter away the days doing nothing.  Instead of feeling good and refreshed, we seem to be listless and cranky by the end, and I usually wind up starting the week off buried under dishes that haven't been done since Friday.

2 weeks ago I decided that we needed to add some structure to our weekends if we wanted to have some fun, so our Saturdays are now structured like this:

wake up- 9:30am- free time (usually screen time, be it cartoons or computer games)
9:30-noon- Everyone work together on some house project
noon- ???- family activity

First week went great, we got some work done, so I was less burdened and we had a birthday party Saturday afternoon, so the kids had a great afternoon.  

Last week not so stellar, hubby's "work" was building a new computer, so the rest still fell on my shoulders, and it's hard to motivate the munchkin crew when I can barely motivate myself!  We did go to the park in the afternoon, but it was so cold we didn't stay long.

I think it can work for us, but needs some tweaking.  I didn't take into consideration Mr. Mischief's naptime, so we may need to push our family activity back to 2ish, or head out first thing...  I'm open to suggestions!