Thursday, 2 January 2014


How fast the time flies!  I can't believe that 2013 has come and gone and I did a whopping total of 2 posts.  Ah, well, that's what New Year's Resolutions are for, right?

My resolutions for 2014 are:

1. Yell less.  I'd love to stop yelling all together, and model the control I keep telling my monkeys to have, so I will be reading more on this:

I will also be rereading the book Stop Reacting and Start Responding.  I read it last year and made it almost a month with no yelling, then life got crazy, and I used it as an excuse to stop pushing myself.  Well, no more.

2. Journal more.  That includes this here blog.  I also write little notes and anecdotes from the day in a daytimer that I have.  I don't know why I got out of practice with that last year (oh wait, new baby in the house might have had a little to do with it)  With my memory being in the horrible state that it is I need these things to help me look back and see just how far my monkeys and I have come.

3. Get the kids on track.  I know, this probably doesn't seem like it should be my resolution, but it really is up to me to follow up on the kids chores and what not.  We've been using for our chore tracking (at least for Princess and Peanut) but I have to remember to give them time to do the recording every evening and encouraging them to get their stuff complete.  

4. Pray more.  I have been really negligent in my conversations with God and I really am so very thankful for all the wonderful blessing He has given me, so I need to tell Him. Everyday.

5. Read more.  Since Bean has been born I think I have read a total of 5 books.  And 2 of those were on a big family vacation where there were other hands to corral the kids.  BK (Before Kids) I was reading about 5 books a month, so the lack of brain food is starting to take its toll.  I'm thinking that to help motivate me I'll try to review a book here once a month. (I'd love to do once a week, but let's be realistic here)

6. Spend Less.  I came to a discovery last year as I did our first ever budget (if you haven't done one, sit down and write down all your expenses. You will probably be surprised at how much goes out every month), we are living way to close to the line.  We need to go through our expenses and try to trim down in some areas. I know it can be done, we just have to buckle down and do it!

7. Don't Forget the Small Stuff. A girlfriend of mine told me of this resolution of hers and I'm adopting it.  Remembering to drink enough water and take my vitamins, and to take a couple of minutes for myself everyday.  All this will help me to be a better Mom to my monkeys.

Okay, so that's a start!  There's always the every day and every week renewals of staying on top of housework and packing better lunches and so on, but that's what life is all about, right?


  1. I love this, Meaghn! Two comments from me. :) First, have you read the book "Playful Parenting"? A friend told me about it and said it's her "bible" that she uses with her kids. I bought a copy for Kevin to use with his daughter and it's amazing! So for the "stop yelling" resolution, it might be helpful! I can't recommend it enough. Second, have you heard of You add your new habits/resolutions and every time you do it you can check it off. Other people can comment as well or give you tips/suggestions/advice to keep you on track and accountable. I kinda love it. Can't wait to read more of your posts! ~Skeeter ;)

    1. Thanks for the tips, Steph! I looked into both and think they could work :)